Funktion One are English inventors and manufacturers of professional loudspeaker systems.

Achieving the best possible audio quality is the principle motivating factor at Funktion One. They are intent on sonic accuracy and our technological approach avoids the use of both system EQ (with its inherent phase and headroom problems) and compression driver mid-range (with its inherent harshness and distortion). Their loudspeaker systems also have excellent directional control allowing sound to be focused where it's needed and minimising out-of-venue environmental impact.

Their designs also focus on maximising efficiency (conversion of amplifier power into acoustic energy) as this tends to produce alive and responsive sound. It also means that less electrical power is required for a given acoustic output making F1 Resolution systems more energy efficient compared to alternatives.

Funktion One


We understand sound to be the most important of our senses and in fact, the root of the structure of the entire Universe. As such, we try to pay the amazing acuity of human hearing the respect it deserves by providing products that deliver as much resolution and detail as is possible. We also pay considerable attention to the emotional effect of not just music, but the sound itself, what you might call its 'quality'. In a world where everything is 'dumbing down' and finesse and subtlety are rapidly disappearing, it is a source of pride to us that we are continually going in the opposite direction, expanding the envelope. On a spiritual level, good music and good sound has the effect of opening peoples' minds and deepening their consciousness which can only be good for the planet.

Funktion One has also pioneered the Ambisonic surround Sound System for large-scale events and could claim to have more experience in the implementation of this exciting spatial technology than any other organization. This emerging technology has been used by the Chemical Brothers, Glastonbury Festival, London's Millennium Dome central show and more recently at The Glade Festival.

Beatport is the worlds largest online DJ and electronic music community that does analysis’ of the best sound systems in America, amongst other studies. Funktion One came in 1st position in New York’s Cielo Club, 3rd Place, 6th Place and 10th Place in five different states!

1st and 3rd , 6th and 8th and 10th. Covering Chicago, New York, Miami, Seattle, Denver